Our Auto Detailing Services In Burlington

Auto Detailing

We provide the best exterior and interior detailing services in Burlington to keep your vehicle clean at all times! 

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating adds additional protection to your vehicle’s paint and helps keep it protected and looking like-new with minimal maintenance.

Buffing & Wax

Restore your vehicle’s shine and get rid of minor scratches, sun swirls with our Buffing and Waxing services. 

Engine Shampoo

Get rid of the dust, oil, and grease that accelerate the wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts inside your engine bay.

Headlight Restoration

This service will enhance the overall look of your vehicle and it will also increase visibility and the level of your safety during the night hours.

Odor Removal (Ozone Treatment)

This service will get rid of the unwanted smell and refresh your car’s air quality with our Odor Treatment service.

With this comprehensive solution, every painted panel of your vehicle is covered, leaving virtually nothing exposed to the elements.

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