Paint Protection Film

Gold - Full Front End

Starting from $1,400 + HST

This one leaves very little risk from debris, dump trucks, salt, etc. We are aiming to protect all the front facing surfaces of the car.

Silver - Partial Front End

Starting from $700 + HST

Designed to provide exceptional coverage, this film is perfect for those who prioritize protecting their vehicles without breaking the bank. The partial front end coverage option encompasses key areas prone to damage, safeguarding your car’s beauty and value. It includes an 18-inch hood and fenders, ensuring these exposed surfaces remain shielded against scratches, dings, and debris. Additionally, the full front bumper coverage ensures comprehensive protection, while the inclusion of mirror caps adds an extra layer of defense for these frequently overlooked components. With paint protection film, your car can confidently navigate through high-risk zones, preserving its pristine appearance and retaining its resale value.

Basic - Hood and Fender Strip

Starting from $220 + HST

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle, there’s a crucial component that should be considered as the bare minimum for protection: the leading edge of the hood and fenders. To ensure that these vulnerable areas stay shielded from everyday hazards, investing in paint protection film is a smart choice. This high-quality film acts as a barrier, defending your car against scratches, rock chips, and other damaging elements that can compromise its appearance. With the availability of both 18″ and 24″ options, the film can be tailored to fit most vehicles, offering flexibility and adaptability. By opting for paint protection film, you’re making a proactive decision to preserve the pristine condition of your car’s leading edge, enhancing its longevity and maintaining its resale value. Don’t settle for less when it comes to protecting your vehicle—choose the reliable defense of paint protection film.

Ultimate - Full Coverage

Starting from $5,500 + HST

With this comprehensive solution, every painted panel of your vehicle is covered, leaving virtually nothing exposed to the elements. This means that the front end, sides, rear, and even intricate curves and edges receive the utmost care and defense against potential damages. The result is a flawless, showroom-like finish that not only showcases your car’s beauty but also safeguards it from scratches, stone chips, environmental contaminants, and UV rays. By leaving no surface vulnerable, the ultimate package ensures that your cherished vehicle remains in pristine condition for years to come, protecting its value and making a statement wherever you go. Experience the epitome of gloss and protection with the all-encompassing coverage provided by paint protection film.