Buffing & Polishing

Our paintwork specialists can see your paint in a different light – we are able to inspect the true condition of your paint and provide you with unparalleled service to make any car look like it just came out of the showroom. Our trained technicians use special tools, polishers, products, and techniques to ensure that each vehicle receives only the highest quality care.

From minor scratch repair, paint transfer, polishing, paint correction, paint protection, ceramic coatings & more – we have you covered. Please inquire within to see how we can provide a solution for you.

Please note* All paint finishes and vehicles are unique. Please visit our shop for a true estimate. Our professionals can work with you to provide the best results based on your expectations and budget.

$349 & Up

Stage 1: Paint Enhancement

Recommended for: Newer cars or those with light swirl marks/marring. This is a perfect, affordable option for paint enhancement in light coloured vehicles.

This stage will remove marring, light swirl marks, light oxidation, and improve upon deeper imperfections to enhance the gloss and overall condition of the paint.

The paint is topped off with carnauba wax to enhance and protect the finish.

$749 & Up

Stage 2: Paint Correction

Recommended for: Older vehicles with heavy swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, fading, etc. This process is strongly recommended for dark coloured vehicles to maximize the improvement in paint condition.

Stage 2 paint correction involves a cutting process to remove up to 99% of heavy defects such as swirl marks, scratches, fading, and oxidation before being polished out to a mirror-like finish. Stage 2 paint correction provides up to a near-perfect finish on most vehicles.

The paint is topped off with carnauba wax to enhance and protect the finish.

$949 & Up

Stage 3: Paint Correction

Recommended for: Exotics, classics, or vehicles looking for the maximum amount of shine, gloss, and clarity in the paintwork.

This stage of paint correction includes 2-stages of compounding and polishing to remove 99% of paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, fading, oxidation, and some deeper scratches. Afterward, the paint receives a jeweling stage to provide maximum gloss and shine.

The paint is topped off with carnauba wax to enhance and protect the finish.

$45 Each

Headlight Restoration

Headlights are meticulously restored to a crystal clear finish and protected with a ceramic coating.

Through the use of wet sanding and machine polishing, the old ‘dead’ clearcoat is removed to bring out a clear, glossy finish.

$75 & Up

Scratch Removal

Our professionals will inspect the scratch and wet sand and buff accordingly. While not all scratches can be buffed out completely, they can be improved upon without the need to go to a bodyshop and repaint.

$195 & Up

Brake Dust Removal For White Vehicles

Over time, white vehicles can produce gold specks and other deeply embedded dirt in the finish.

This process includes decontamination using iron removers and a clay bar treatment. After the paint is free of brake dust, tar, rail dust, etc, the finish is protected with a carnauba wax.

$75 & Up

Clay Bar Treatment

Over time, contaminants in the air such as brake dust, iron particles, rail dust, tar & more become deeply embedded into your paint. These contaminants will not come off by washing and is the reason a paint finish may feel “rough” even though it appears clean.

Utilizing iron removers and a clay bar treatment, these deeply embedded contaminants will be removed from the paint surface. It is strongly recommended to follow up this service with paint protection to prevent dirt from bonding with the paint.

$110 & Up

Wet Sanding

$195 & Up

Overspray Removal

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